Spot Welding by Servo


US-935S Servo Ultrasonic Spot Welder full machine

Product Specifications


Ultrasonic Power Output

Power Supply

Weld Force


Controller Cabinet

Visual Display

Additional Options

35 kHz nominal

205W maximum

205-240 VAC single phase; 16 Amp max

~440 Newton maximum

40 pounds (18.2 kg)
H - 20 cm (200 mm)
W - 7 cm (70 mm)
L - 18 cm" (180 mm)

71 pounds (33 kg)
H - 16" (406.4 mm)
W - 9" (229 mm)
L - 20" (508 mm)

17" LCD display with mouse

Barcode Scanner
Touchscreen Monitor

Dynamic Force and Amplitude Control™

with Multi-Step Welding

  • Capability of over 20 weld steps with unique force and amplitude parameters.
  • Ability to change and adjust force and amplitude during the weld cycle to optimize welding parameters for each specific wire application
  • Energy and frequency remain constant

Load Cell Force Feedback

Under 10µm Resolution

  • Consistent measurement and ultrasonic output produce high cPk values
  • Measurement of pre-weld and post-weld height and width
  • Cross section area measurement and calculation for additional quality control

The US-935S, developed by TECH-SONIC, is the lower power version of the US-3020S.

The US-3020S allows for absolute control of weld force and travel distance by utilizing a servo actuated mechanism and force feedback sensing. Utilize this machine for more delicate applications such as solar panels, ceramic-based circuit boards, and small metal parts.
US-935S Servo Ultrasonic Spot Welder full machine

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