Spot Welding by Servo


The US-5020S Servo Ultrasonic Spot Welder is TECH-SONIC's most powerful spot welder yet.  The 5020S is capable of outputting 5.0kW of power along with a ~5,500 Newton maximum weld force.  TECH-SONIC's innovative spot welder is able to detect one additional, or one missing battery foil from a stack of 60 copper or aluminum foils separating itself from its competitors.

Product Specifications


Ultrasonic Power Output

Power Supply

Weld Force


Controller Cabinet

Visual Display

Additional Options

20 kHz nominal

5.0 kW maximum

400 VAC single phase

~5,500 Newton maximum

130 pounds (59 kg)
H - 25" (635 mm)
W - 10" (254 mm)
L - 25" (635 mm)

~80 pounds (36 kg)
H - 20" (508 mm)
W - 29" (229 mm)
L - 10" (254 mm)

17" LCD display with mouse

Barcode Scanner
Touchscreen Monitor

Foil Detection

Under 3% Cross Section Area

  • System can detect one missing, or one additional battery foil from a stack of 60 copper or aluminum foils

Dynamic Force and Amplitude Control™

with Multi-Step Welding

  • Capability of over 20 weld steps with unique force and amplitude parameters.
  • Ability to change and adjust force and amplitude during the weld cycle to optimize welding parameters for each specific wire application
  • Energy and frequency remain constant

Load Cell Force Feedback

Under 10µm Resolution

  • Consistent measurement and ultrasonic output produce high cPk values
  • Measurement of pre-weld and post-weld height and width
  • Cross section area measurement and calculation for additional quality control
US-3020S Servo Ultrasonic Spot Welder

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